More Myself by Alicia Keys download

More Myself by Alicia Keys download

More Myself by Alicia Keys

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A precise and bright look at an artist’s path from self-sufficiency to full self-expression.

As one of the most influential musicians of our time, Alicia Keys has fascinated the nation with her soulful songs, an incredible variety of sounds and moving piano songs. Far from being neglected, Alicia struggles with the heart disease of a difficult and difficult personal relationship with her father, the pleasant nature of people that was an early task, the loss of loneliness in her romantic relationship, and the oppressive one Expectations of women’s perfection.

After rising to fame, Alicias’ social group kept the truth to herself: he spent many years without recognizing or fully honoring his own trust. After much self-control, he now examines the questions at the center of his story: Who am I really? And once I’ve discovered this fact, how can I be brave enough to accept it?

More of you is part of the memory, part of the story. Alicias’ journey reveals itself not only through his own story, but also through vivid memories of those who passed him. The result is a 60-degree view of Alicia en route to her childhood in Hels Kitchen and Harlem while the awareness process is still in progress.

In More Than Himself, Alicia shares her desire for the truth herself, her past and her change, so that her soul can continue to celebrate its worth. Despite the hard fidelity that is an example of Alicia’s art, More is itself an immediate report and requires readers to be clear: self-expression in a world that rarely promotes an authentic and unique identity.

More Myself by Alicia Keys

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